Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Coming of Night - 7:25pm

Last week I stopped by Lenny’s to take photos of my favorite sandwich, which I’ll tell you about another time, and grabbed a bag of Cape Cod potato chips.


I love thick and crispy potato chips. There is nothing like that satisfying crunch, and yummy salty goodness. I have two favorites, Cape Cod and Kettle. So when I stopped off at Lenny’s last week, I decided to snap a shot, then posted it on my Flickr account.

Which brings us to this week’s new find, a fabulous photographer named Chris Seufert. Chris runs "a photography business in New England specializing in photo journalism, editorial, wildlife, Cape Cod, the arts, and maritime-related shooting."

He also runs a photo group on Flickr about Cape Cod, and so he found me when I posted my Cape Cod potato chips photo. Here’s a favorite shot of mine from his photo thread on Flickr.

Coming of Night - 7:25pm, originally uploaded by Chris Seufert.

He has some of the most amazing photos. If you really like his stuff, you can buy a print at imagekind, or buy his book at blurb.

Happy Viewing!


  1. Cape Cod Chips are the best! Salt and vinegar - lip-numbing, but delicious!

  2. I love Salt and Vinegar chips! However, I usually can only eat about five of them at a time. . .

  3. Yeah, they are pretty hard to handle in large doses. The picture makes me want to go get some! Speaking of pictures, I got my new camera. I might even get some pics on the blog one of these days.

  4. Congrats! What type of camera did you end up getting? :)

  5. I decided on the Nikon CoolPix P5000. I liked the fact that they stuffed a ton of features into a pretty small package - small enough to fit into my Fat Cyclist jersey pocket quite comfortably. I have put up some photos from my first ventures out with it.

  6. I like the cracked black pepper ones. Hey- thanks for the plug and for checking out my photos!

    Christopher Seufert