Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Nature Shots, i'm in love...with my camera

I decided to post a few nature shots today. Yippee! Aren't we excited? Who knew you could find photo ops like these within the five boroughs?

This one I took at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden

I took this shot on my lunch break, it had just stopped raining.

Cherry Blossoms

Some Fern Fronds that my Friend in Brooklyn absolutely loved!



I still have a lot to learn, but I think my camera and I are settling in nicely together.



  1. What camera are you using? I am looking for a good one, and I love the quality of shots you took in this post. Great clarity and detail. Any idea what kind of tulips those are? I've never seen them before, and I used to work in a greenhouse that specialized in Easter flowers!

  2. I purchased a Canon Rebel XT (not XTi), just the basic kit and lens. You can check out the stats and compare brands on

    As for the tulips, sorry I have no idea what they are called. I only know they grow outside my building at work. (I assume you referred to the red ones.)

  3. Cool, thanks for the info! And yes, I was referring to the red ones; they are fantastic!

  4. I second a request for the camera model (i see - rebel, thanks!) and beauty of these shots. They're gorgeous.

  5. Great shots! And you said they grow outside your building at work? How lucky you are :)
    I love flower plants pictures a lot, especially when they are wet of rain. The red one is the most amazing for me.