Monday, June 18, 2007

Bronx Week Festivities, part one

The roses were calling me last Saturday, (they’re in full bloom right now) so I charged my camera battery, packed a couple of water bottles, and caught the #12 MTA Bus out to the New York Botanical Garden in The Bronx.

The Bus drops you off at the corner of East Fordam Road and Dr. Theodore Kazimiroff Blvd. so you get to walk a couple of blocks north to the garden entrance. So there I was walking along, minding my own business, when I hear this fabulous music wafting from the other side of the fence.

All I could think was, I wonder what’s going on and I hope it’s still playing by the time I get inside. I got my ticket and wandered back through the garden toward the roses and the music got louder. As I approached a tingle of excitement raced through me. The music was LIVE.

Don’t ask me how I know, I just do. Any musician can tell you, and most music aficionados can do the same. No, they hadn’t stopped to speak to the crowd, it just had that quality to it, a certain je ne sais quoi.

And they were good. No. More than good. They were fabulous!


And the place was packed!


I spoke to Danny Mendez, one of the leaders of the seven piece combo, El Projecto Caribe, and he said the combo was pulled from two larger combos. One called The Latin Project, the other Son Del Caribe. Both of them have albums you can buy, and can be booked for events. I myself will be strolling over in a moment to pick up a new CD or two.

It turned out that Saturday was the beginning of Bronx Week. If you live in The Bronx, or are interested in attending, here’s a link to the planned festivities.

Casito Maria an after-school organization that engages youth in the Arts was highlighted when one of their youth groups demonstrated the Salsa, they were great, and most of the kids looked like they were having fun.

Casito Maria

Mind-Builders, also an organization for youth and the arts, had a group perform a few hip-hop routines. Quite the popping group of kids. :)


And did I mention there was dancing?




and more dancing?


It was fun.

Wish you could have been there, if not, then there’s always next year. If next year’s too far away, then plan a party, book The Latin Project or Son Del Caribe, and dance the night away. Meringue and Salsa style of course.



  1. Rhe dancing is nice to see.
    That looks fun!!

  2. Toe tapping fun! Most of the people who weren't dancing were shuffling in place in the shade. :)