Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Bullet Bikes, in my hood


I snapped this photo when I was at Times Square two weekends ago.


Bikers love the street in front of my apartment. How do I know? Well by the frequent sound of them going by my apartment each night. There isn't much traffic on my street (comparatively), so I think they find my street perfect for a leisurely smooth flowing cruising. There is a park nearby, and trees line the sides providing a serene traveling view. I don't think that the fact that there is a gas station about seven blocks down road, makes any difference in the reason they pass my way.

Last weekend I decided to visit The Cloisters and on my way passed a bunch of bullet bikes, or should I say, they passed me. Bright greens, reds, silvers and yellow, the colors reminded me of the Las Vegas Strip. Every bike was distinctive in its own way. The only thing is, there seemed to be more than usual. It turns out they were gathering for a rally and planned to drive down to Philly in support of Juvenile Diabetes.

According to the police officer on the scene, there were about 1200 bikers. I think he over-estimated a bit, I hazard a guess that there were at least a few hundred, but am wary about using the larger number. Meeting place, the end of Dykeman, under the Henry Hudson underpass, they parked and gathered waiting for it to begin. When they finally started moving, it was exciting to see them all zip by on their way.

One biker in particular, dressed all in leather, fringe flapping in the breeze made me laugh. He was different than most of the others, and his bike was closer to a Harley than a Bullet Bike. In that moment, I imagined he was some sort of financial guru, a stock broker who wore a suit and tie to work, and polished oxfords. And here he was now, letting loose and giving into his wild side.

They sailed down Broadway toward the George Washington Bridge where they would cross the Hudson River to get to Jersey, camera crew in tow. It was a sight to see, wish you could have seen it too.

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