Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Yipee, i'm famous

Well sort of, not really.

But a photo I submitted to a Macro Photography group was selected as one of the "Weekly Top Photos", and then featured on their blog. Mine is the pile of "broken" keys at the bottom.

You may go now and leave notes of congratulations in my comments section.



  1. Congrats! Great shot - that's some intense blue. What is the small piece of crumpled metal? And if you'll humor me, what lens are you using? :)

  2. Hi Columbia, thanks! :)

    1) I set the keys on a blue hardback book, then when I tweaked the saturation levels in Photoshop to make the immage more interesting, the blue became richer.

    2) A smashed key that looked something like the three that are shown here.

    3) I am using the basic kit lens that came with my Digital Canon Rebel XT. Thanks for asking.

  3. Very nice work! I love macro photography. It is pretty tough to get it all right when you are right on top of the subject. Good job!