Thursday, July 19, 2007

Happy Birthday Addison, potter style

The Mother of Boys sent me this photo earlier today, it’s my nephew’s birthday. Can you guess who he and his brothers are fans of?

You betcha! The one, the only, Harry Potter.

Addison is certainly celebrating in style, complete with Gryffindor colors. They made little owls and attached the birthday invitation to its leg before passing them out. See the cake above for a image of the idea.

The cake has two layers, one chocolate the other vanilla with meringue frosting in the middle. Covered in a yummy butter cream frosting, the details and wording were shaped out of fondant, and then painted with food coloring and chocolate syrup to great effect.

Addison himself made the golden Snitch in the upper left-hand corner. His older brother made the wand on the top right and the lightning scar on the bottom left. The school owl with accompanying scroll, bubbling cauldron with 3-D flames, bludger, Sorting Hat, and Firebolt were made by other family members.

On the eve of the final book coming out, who wouldn’t want to celebrate their birthday like this! How exciting! Yea Mother of Boys, you’re going to be the coolest mother on the block!

Happy Birthday Addison!

Love, your favorite aunt,
-Antie Lou

. . .

(don’t ask)

. . .

(I said don't ask. . . . Fine. No, my name isn’t Lou, . . . but to my nephews it is. :)

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