Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Headshots, by bitter

Just wanted to spread the word about a headshot special I'm running for those of you actors and musicians out there in need of updated photos.

The Deal:
Book a shoot in the month of September for any Saturday, or Monday-Friday (5:00-7:00) from Sept. 1st to Oct. 15th (2207) for $99+ NY sales tax.

The $99 sale includes approximately 200 headshots, up to 2 outfits, and 1 lightly retouched image from the shoot. All sessions will take place in NYC, on the Upper West Side, and will be shot in natural light.

To book a shoot, email Melissa (ack! now you know my name!) melissa @ (remove the spaces to make the email address work) and let her know what date you'd like.

For those of you who don't need headshots, but have artsy friends who need them, spread the word. If you do, I'll work on expanding my blog to give away free desktop wall paper and add the how to/recipe section I've been planning, like pronto. lol

-Bitter, someone who's not against bribing her readers to support a good cause...

A small sample of my work. :)
Girl 3

Aaron 1

Yalei 1

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  1. Hey Melissa
    Superb photos!! Let us know how well your biz is going. I hope it goes well.

    I'm tagging you with a meme. Hope you don't mind!

    Best, k