Thursday, January 24, 2008

Teeth, and other great finds

Did you know that the Library of Congress has begun an archiving project on Flickr (a photo sharing forum)? I combed their flickr account for a great photo for this post, and voila, what did I find? A photo of George Washington's teeth!

Crazy! Those don't look very comfortable, and I daresay that dentures have come a long way in the past hundred and fifty years!

The purpose of the Library of Congress' pilot project is to share photos that otherwise wouldn't have been seen, gain a better understanding of web 3.0 and online communities like Flickr, and tap into our abilities to help identify and tag photos in their collection.

So if you're into history, are a photo buff, or just curious. Surf through their account and leave a comment on a favorite photo, or tag a image to help others when using the search feature. :)


The Library of Congress (LOC) Flickr profile.
The LOC blog.
The LOC Flickr FAQ.


  1. Well, now we know what happened to that cherry tree he chopped down!

    Those look frighteningly uncomfortable...more like something the Spanish Inquisition might have favored. Yeesh....