Friday, February 22, 2008

Mr. Winter, part trois

There, there, Mr. Winter, no need to be vindictive. Yes, thank you so much for the snow, it is much appreciated.

You may stop now.


p.s. - any of you readers out there savvy enough to quickly re-book canceled flights?


  1. So!? Did you not go on your trip? I hope that you did! It sounded like it would be a really good relaxing fun vacation! That you need by the way! I hope that everything worked out for you.

  2. I was able to rebook the flight, I'll just fly out tomorrow and be routed through Sydney Australia... It adds about 5 hours onto my travel time... :( But at least I'll get there in time for the wedding (that's why I planned to fly out early), and still get the time off on the beach and the LOTR tour. (Please don't smack me for doing something so cliche as the LOTR tour, I'm strictly in it for the gorgeous landscape photos I'm sure.)