Tuesday, April 1, 2008

K+R, new zealand


The weather was gorgeous, the air is cleaner and the skies bluer than you can imagine.

The bride was radiant, the groom had an Irish twinkle in his eye, the wedding party came from near and far (mostly far), and they were very happy.

By the time I returned to the US a Kiwi accent had infiltrated certain words and I’d adopted a bit of an Irish brogue.

Slideshow is here.



  1. Excellent! I've been waiting to see these! I especially like the ones with the rocks/in the cave - very cool! :)

  2. Hi there travel mate. Very nice Website!!! Great pictures! Hope all is well with managing your mangled ankle. Therapy isn't the most fun thing to do. Congrats on your Joblessness. I hope it's all that you've wanted leaving the museum!! How exciting it must be!!! No surprise from the gal who was able to travel by herself in a stick shift car driving on the otherside of the road in an upside down country. Anyhow, Too Bad I don't have flash player at work. That would be sweet as... oh well gives me an excuse to get a new computer. Cheers and hear from you soon!

  3. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    the slideshow is SPECTACULAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    You are amazing in your work!!!

    I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    melissa, when i was watchign it, i was just speechless and i LOVED what you did to follow along withthe music!

    I am soo happy you were the one taking my photo's!!!

    the adrenalyn from watching the slideshow is going strong! i'm so excited now!

    Thank you sooo much!!! i'm going to go see it again!

    THANK YOU!!!! K :>

    Fantastic work of art!

  4. The slide show is so great! It was so romantic and definitely express the special moment. I cried when I was watching it.

    ~ Alice

  5. Wow! Nicely done. Thanks for sharing--I really enjoyed watching.

  6. That was fantastic, the pictures are amazing!