Saturday, June 28, 2008

Ooooo Ooooo!, oo7

I was sauntering along Broadway earlier this evening and happened to pass the AMC Hoffman at Lincoln Square, and guess which movie poster I saw?!?

Quantum of Solace 007, due to release in November 2008. :)

So I had to view quite a few trailers until I got one that didn't look like a hodge-podge of older bond films, so I wonder at the accuracy of the clip above. If the clip is accurate as to the upcoming film, then it looks like part of the movie was filmed in NYC, or at the very least, that a few NYPD cop cars made it to the set.


Edit: Now that I think about it, a couple of the scenes shown in the clip remind me of The Bourne Ultimatum..... hmmm, I wonder if they borrowed from that film to make the clip...

Edit 2: The embedded link seems to be working for me, but just in case, here's the URL.

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