Thursday, September 11, 2008

Air Conditioner, why is it on right now

It's 2:00 am the perfect time to take a quick break from re-writing the current Work In Progress (WIP), so I meandered into my kitchen, plugged in the trusty toaster that The Expat Drama Teacher gave me last summer, and plopped in some cinnamon raisin bread.

There I stood, waiting for my toast to toast, while eating ice cream from the container with a fork when I was jostled away from the decadent feel of chocolaty creamy goodness melting in my mouth by the rattling hum of my neighbor's air conditioner.

Which motivated this post.

Why is your air conditioner running? It's 64 degrees outside.

And to the neighbors across the street, why was your air conditioner running earlier today? We had a high of only 72.

And to the majority of the neighbors along my street, why have you been running your air conditioners all night for the past couple of weeks? When except for the rain and humidity last weekend, it's been quite pleasant outside at night.

The current temperature right now is 64. But the low is going to be 59.

Please tell me that you keep your apartment at 55 degrees, otherwise you're most likely sweltering in your stifling apartment when you could be basking in the blessed coolness of Mother Nature, sans the electric bill.
I was just wondering, that's all.

Kind regards,


  1. Talk about small world! I just bought a used toaster off a friend yesterday... and you used the toaster I gave you yesterday.

    That is so like a Fivel "Somewhere Out There" moment-- we are still connection by toasters.

    And I don't have air conditioning. Europe doesn't believe in it ;-)

    I'm a tweensy bit jealous that you even have that question.

  2. Well!!! If they are like me... sometimes I have the cooler on at night just for the background noise for Taelin. I don't have it on cool, just fan intake from the outside! Hopefully that is what they were doing! hehehe
    Cinnamon Rasin bread sounds so good right now!!

  3. The great battle in our home continues to be A/C versus opening the windows. I myself love nothing more than a breeze passing through our house on a September evening. My husband doesn't seem to understand the concept of opening a window, he always goes straight for the A/C. LOL. So I wake up this morning, freezing to death in our air-conditioned bedroom, while it was 60 degrees outside. The battle continues to wage.... ;)