Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Wedding: Agueda & Jong

In June, I joined Gulnara of Gulnara Studio's to photograph Agueda & Jong's wedding. We met up with them at their hotel near the United Nations. I stayed with the groom, so you'll see quite a few pictures of him in this set.

We strolled down the street to the UN, then took a cab across town to Pier Sixty where we boarded the Majestic Star. There was a sunset ceremony, followed by a quick outfit change, and a Korean wedding ceremony.

This couple was so much fun and the day was fabulous.

The Bride

The Groom

UN Building in reflection

Near the UN
I love the way her flamenco style dress moves as she walks.

Majestic Star

View from the Majestic Star

View from the Majestic Star


  1. Wow, you sure did a great job capturing the happiness of the day. I really like the reflection pic.

  2. You captured their personalities in these beautiful photos. Very nice work!

  3. Do you know where that bride got her flamingo dress? Or maybe the designer's name?

  4. Sorry, I don't know. But it's a gorgeous dress isn't it! :)