Friday, October 17, 2008

Aaaacccckkk! all my feeds are gone

So this morning I logged onto my computer, opened up Firefox to my iGoogle reader and all my RSS feeds have mutated into short feeds.

iGoogle. I'm officially NOT happy.

I've spent the past 40 minutes looking for a way to expand my feeds or give feedback to no avail, it's idiotic.

From the Google blog post: "We've rolled out an updated design for iGoogle to all U.S. users, which includes . . . full feed reading."

My response: "Um, WHERE?!?!?!"

Please tell me that you're not expecting me to go through and re-subscribe to all of my feeds in order to do this?

From the google blog: "I often wish I could deal with all my stuff without having to leave my iGoogle page."

Yeah, well as it now stands, I'm going to have to navigate away from my iGoogle pages in order to view full posts.

I'm not happy.


Of course, three minutes after I posted, I discovered the full posts view. It's the double window icon at the top right hand corner of each blog box. Unfortunately, I kept clicking this icon on the blogs that don't burn full feeds.

To all my bloggers out there who don't burn full feeds, please change. It's annoying to only read a partial post, and most of the time I don't end up clicking through so some of us are missing most of what you have to say.

The end.

Update #2: Just found a new neighbor in my hood and added them to my RSS feed. But they ended up on the wrong tab. . . . It won't drag and drop into the correct tab. Now I'm NOT happy again. . . .


  1. You have to open the tab on the left, then click on the name of the gadget. This opens it in full canvas view, which lets you read it. It also gives Google the ability to use as much of the page as you have for canvas view to give you a "gadgets you might also like" sales pitch. I liked it a lot better when I clicked the plus to read only what I wanted, but I still had my page.

    I cannot stand the new design. The canvas page is cool, but they shouldn't have force changed the rest of the design. My stock gadget quit working - although I see in Google's official blog that the Google Finance gadget still works.

  2. I don't like it. There is too much information on the page which gives me a headache. It would be good to have th eoption to choose titles only with the old + sign back

  3. Thanks for the tip Elleth! :)

    So I do like one thing about the new layout. It's wide enough so that it doesn't clip images.

    The old drop down box wasn't wide enough to accommodate wider images...

  4. I want my old home page back. This new one takes space away from what I WANT to see.