Monday, October 6, 2008

The End, cafe mozart

A week ago a friend came to the City to visit, so we hit the town to celebrate. Bitter Style, of course, so we dropped by The Hampton Chutney Co. between 82nd and 83rd on Amsterdam, to get dosas, then walked down to Cafe Mozart for dessert.

My friend had been dying to go to Cafe Mozart since I blogged about their luscious Hot Chocolate Souffle in June 2007, so we headed south umbrellas in hand, but not unfurled, sauntering down Amsterdam.

It was a nice evening, cool, but not cold. Quiet, but Citiesque. We dropped into the Jaques Torres store and bought some chocolate covered pretzels and dark chocolate covered almonds (Mmmmm). We browsed the flower selections at several corner shops and enjoyed the misting rain against our faces.

We chatted about old times and caught up on the new, and before we knew it, we were there. When we rounded the corner of the correct street, I was a little confused. The string of lights outside the restaurant were out. I double checked, yes, that was the restaurant, we'd turned on the correct street.

We chatted while crossing the street, ducked between a couple of parked cars, and around the scaffolding poles to the sidewalk shed, then shrieked in horror as we caught sight of this sign.

Sad Day.

This is what it looks like inside.

My Favorite Table was just over there.

What a sad day.

The Upper West Side's lost another one of their gems.

Oh, the memories. The good times. The birthday celebrations. The crazy wig for the birthday girl or guy. The decadent desserts and yummy food. (Can you tell I ordered dessert here more often than food?) We miss you.




It took us a while to decide, but we ended up going to Grom instead. The pear gelato was fabulous of course.



  1. Is Grom where we went when I visited you in Summer 2007?

    So when are you coming to Berlin?! ;-) I even have my own toaster now....

  2. Yeah, Grom is the place. :)

    Yay! Toasters! lol As for hopping over to Berlin, I'll start saving my quarters. *grin* (because, you know, dollars don't go very far anymore...)

  3. it closed for good or just for renovation?
    you'd think that if it closed for good there'd be a sign thanking its patrons for however many years of loyalty.

    I went to that place a few times. The deserts were pretty good. It'd be sad if it closed!