Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Hallelujah, the heat is on

This is my fourth Autumn in NYC, and the most interesting of the bunch. The first Fall/Winter I roasted. The heat vents/radiator in the apartment where I briefly couch surfed were permanently on.

As in full on.

As in plastered into the wall with no access on.

The only way to cope, was to leave the windows open and wear shorts. It worked until the heat went off in the middle of the night and then we froze.

My next two fall seasons were pleasant, almost bland (heat wise). Actually, Autumn is my favorite season. Crisp cool days, turning leaves, hot chocolate and apple cider. Brisk walks through the city, shorter days, and the holiday lights and displays.

The past two Autumns, I haven't minded the slight delay of the heat turning on, while the super waited until the last possible moment to turn on the broiler.

This year I did.

I think it's because this is my first year at home. All day. Without heat.

You know, regularly, I'd go to work, sit at a warm but drafty cubicle, play into the evening, then come home.

I'd only be home long enough to snuggle down under soon to be warm blankets, toss and turn for a moment, dash quickly to the sock drawer to don additional layers, then dive back under the covers, where I slept soundly with my hoodie over the top of my head.

This year, I spend my days bundled up against the cold, with my "heater shoes" on (crocs if you must know) and multiple layers of clothing. And yet, here I sit watching my fingers freeze and the end of my nose turn cold.

It's the first year I actually looked up the NYC heat regulations.

The happy thing is that the heat season started Oct. 1st. The sad part is that supers aren't required to turn on the heat until the daytime temperature doesn't rise above 55 degrees, and the nighttime temperature sinks below 40.

Yeah. I thought the regs were shocking too.

I figured that since we're skirting those temperatures, but haven't reached them, that between the price of oil, the long-standing tradition of things going slightly unfixed around here, and our landlord attempting to save a buck, the heat wouldn't be turned on for a few more weeks. I was wrong.

It official. As of 6:00 this morning. The heat is on! We're saved!!! Er, um, at least I am. . . . What about you? Has your super turned the Heat on yet?



  1. My initial thought on Monday morning was not Hallelujah but "the beast has woken" as the pipes bang so loudly at first... and then every morning... and infrequently during the day... when visitors come... or the baby is sleeping. Still, better noisy heat than no heat.

  2. lol at "the beast has woken"!

    My radiator only hisses at the moment, but eventually it starts gurgling.

    *sigh* but, yes, I'd rather have noisy heat, than no heat.

  3. I understand... here in Berlin we had to turn our heat on SEPTEMBER 14th!

    I blogged about it here... feel free to feel my pain.

  4. I turned on my heater last night! It is getting cold! I am glad that your super turned yours on... When the heater makes noise I wonder if it is going to blow up or somethings! hehehe It is sooo old. Congrats on the heat!
    Love you!

  5. The heater isn't on yet here. I'm still enjoying the fact that the A/C doesn't have to turn on until later in the day. I'm relishing in the no heat, no A/C time to give my electric bill a break!