Saturday, March 7, 2009

Catch Up Time, just a heads up

Those of you who know me, know I'm rarely very far from a notebook or paper.

Why? Well, because I'm frequently jotting things down.

What might I be jotting down you might ask?

Well, everything.

Things to do.
People to call.
Plot arcs and major discoveries for the books percolating in my mind.
The pricing of my photography services (which I obsess over).
And lastly, blog posts.

Yes. You read that correctly. Blog posts.

I've written all sorts of them over the past several months, 1% of them have actually made it onto the blog. Today that changes. I'm cleaning house.

Some I'll post, others will make their way to the round file. And a very lucky few will be placed into a holding pattern where I'll tinker with them until they're perfect, at which point you'll find them here on the blog.

Happy day. I bet you're excited.



  1. I AM excited!

    I write blog posts on paper sometimes too... like when I am on the train or at church. I write lots of blog posts at church.At least that is what I do now because I can't understand church since it is in another language... it helps me "pass the time."
    Can't wait to read the latest installments of Bitter's life! I will be HANGING on every word!

  2. Alyssa! You make me laugh. So happy to see you had a fun time in Spain!