Tuesday, May 19, 2009

This Morning

Good nights sleep. Check.

Ate breakfast. Check

Started the pool pump. Check.

Watered the vegetable garden. Check.

Counted the plants ravaged by ground squirrels, one new casualty. (Two tomato plants are growing back. happy day.) Check.

Threw rocks at wood pile. Thought I saw fur. Most likely a squirrel. Check.

Four-wheeled the garbage/recycling cans down the driveway. ( _waaaahooooo!_ ). Check.

Saw snails. Mating. (No pics since this is a family-friendly blog.) Check.

Baby hummingbirds. Still Alive. Check.

Contemplated the future of publishing. Check.

Email freelance editor regarding current WIP. About to do.

Ponder getting up early in the morning every day. Check.

Go eat lunch. In a moment.



  1. Where are you living? Such wildlife.... a four-wheeler for trash... and a pool?

    Explain please!

  2. Ha ha :)

    I've temporarily stolen a bedroom from my So Cal parents. So far they really haven't noticed I'm here and I've mostly escaped detection.

    Oh, and we have a _l_o_n_g_ driveway, up a hill. The four-wheelers were a brilliant stroke of genius if I do say so myself.