Thursday, November 24, 2011

Ahem, i’m back

To me, these nascent fern fronds--emerging from the sharp, dead, foliage of the past--whisper of new beginnings and possibilities.

I thought a little bit about starting this post by telling you a joke about how I meant that I’d be updating the blog in October of 2011, not October 2009, as I implied in my post back in May of 2009. But then I realized it wasn't really that funny.

You see, I’m feeling a bit sheepish for having gone AWOL here. There are reasons of course; I was burned out for one. I started a job that I didn’t know how to blog around. And then I was in a creative black hole for about the past 15 months. Some of it I’ll blog about moving forward. The rest of it, I’ll leave to the void of stuff best left unsaid.

Suffice it to say, this all you really need to know in order to have a little closure:

I moved to Southern California, moved to Washington DC to become a Government Drone (go! paper-pushers!), moved to Haiti, survived Haiti (barely), and am now in Vienna, Austria.

While I was in Haiti (for 15 months) I didn’t blog, I didn’t write, I took some photos, but couldn’t bring myself to work on them. It was a difficult place to be. If you would have asked me my thoughts about muses before I moved to Haiti, I would have told you that people extolling the virtues of muses were full of bull-caca. Now? Yes, I’m a full believer in it.

Not so much of having/not having inspiration, but more in the creative space kind. If there is enough negative energy swirling around you in life, it sucks all the creative energy out of you. (At least in my experience.)

Moving forward, I've combined my blogs, and am ditching the i-m-bitter and BITTER photography monikers. Expect to see me continue to tinker with the blog. Layout, design, etc. The rest of my grand plans (if I can remember them), I’ll tell you about when I get around to working on them.

And lastly, Happy Thanksgiving to you all! I hope you have grand plans for the day.



  1. Happy Thanksgiving! Glad your back. You've been through a lot this last while... ; )

  2. Glad to have you back - you've been missed! The fern fronds picture is magnificent. Hope you are doing well in Vienna. We miss you in NY :)

  3. You're back! I was worried for awhile. Someday you must dish some of the horrors and tribulations of your times and travels. Maybe not now, but later?

    -A Fellow Photojunkie/Museum Survivor