Friday, May 2, 2014

Hello Florida, guess what? I moved.

Hello humidity and balmy air at night.
Hello ocean breezes from just out of sight.
Hello crazy, ugly bugs that make me want to scream (I refrain).
Hello transplant New Yorkers and great slices of cheese! (I can't complain.)

Farewell kimchi and my favorite Korean place.
Farewell peachy California sunsets that used to caress my face.
Farewell the good friends I found while I was there.
Farewell, Adieu, I hope you know I care.

A new chapter quickly opens,
good things come; life beacons.
Fond memories tucked away,
I hold them close, and live life today.


p.s. When I set the release date for Ancestor's Call (the 2nd book in The Chronicles of Loresse) I hadn't planned to move to Florida this Spring, so unfortunately, the book release for Ancestor's Call has been shifted to sometime this Summer, 2014.  So sorry to make you wait!

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