Monday, May 14, 2007

The Day I Ordered HP&TDH, and met some new friends

Last Thursday I stopped by my favorite Barnes & Noble, at Lincoln Center, and reserved a copy of Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows. (Insert excited squealing here…well actually not really, I’m not the squealing type. I was, however, elated.)

Michael and Mark our friendly local B&N booksellers, who I fondly think of as M&M, placed my order with very little fanfare (for the occasion I had imagined ringing bells and shooting streamers). They were impressed by the fancy looking camera slung around my neck, and solicited a trade. If I took their picture, they’d reserve a copy of HP for me. I said it’s a deal, but only if I could put their photo on my blog. They laughed, I snapped their picture.



As you can tell, lighting makes a difference. The first photo was taken without a flash, the second with. I was amazed at the difference flashes make with color. Such a difference in fact that it looks like Michael changed shirts between snaps, (for the record the correct color shows in the photo taken with the flash).

So the end of the countdown is drawing near for all you HP fans out there. Reserve your copy soon if you haven’t done so already. The good thing is that you won’t even have to take someone’s picture to do it, just call your local bookseller and reserve a copy. For those of you who wonder why you’re reserving a copy and not ordering it online, I’ll remind you, it’s so you can go to the midnight party. It’s the last one, an experience of a lifetime, you must go.


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