Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Lamenting The Fact That I Don't Have Cable, or a tv...but mainly a rant about FOX

In my former life, in addition to being a bassoonist, I was a ballroom dancer. I know how to Foxtrot and Tango, to Samba and Rumba. I learned the New York Hustle and West Coast Swing, and have certificates and a trophy to prove it.

So you can imagine my excitement, when last year I lived with roommates who had a TV AND Cable, when I found a new favorite show, “So You Think You Can Dance.” Through the show I became an expert at critiquing, popping, interpretive dance, and MDT style dancing. You name it, I could spot the best. My laser-like focus had been groomed by the show's judges to detect even the slightest fallibility. So much in fact, that when I see music videos and commercials I find the fakes from a mile away. Besides, it was fun to watch and filled the void in the part of me that missed dancing.

You’re probably wondering why the lament about ‘watched’ (past tense). You see, I don’t have a TV, can’t justify paying for cable TV when I only plan to watch three or four shows a week. And therein lies my problem, FOX is behind the times. I can download Stargate Atlantis from iTunes, I can watch streaming video from ABC, NBC, and CBS. But does FOX offer the same feature? No.

I had hoped by this year they would have joined the current digital revolution and offer content online for the price of watching a sponsored commercial at start of the show, but it isn’t to be.

There is yet time "So You Think You Can Dance” could debut a new streaming service, but somehow I doubt it will happen. So come May 24th, you’ll find me tucked in my room, slightly saddened, and energetically working on my next book. (Which actually is a good thing.) If you have cable TV and are interested in dancing, give the show a try and report back. I think you’ll like it.


p.s. For those of you outside The City, TV in NYC only comes via a cable connection. And No, I don't want to pay $10 a month to get the basic channels so I can watch the news and catch "So You Think You Can Dance" a few months out of every year.

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