Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Fearless Bridal, sarah style

A few weeks ago I approached Sarah to see if she was interested in doing a “Fearless Bridal” session (formerly known as Trash The Dress or TTD). She was game, and so a few weeks later we found ourselves running around NYC's Upper West Side & Central Park having a great time.

I asked her if she wouldn’t mind writing up a little blurb for the blog, and she said sure (try saying that last part ten times fast). Her words are below, and I’ve even posted a fun clip highlighting fun photos from our shoot.

Happy reading & viewing.



When Melissa Bitter first asked me if she could take some pictures of me in my wedding dress, I agreed without hesitation. The weekend we hoped to do the photo shoot would be one week shy of my 1st wedding anniversary, and this seemed like a perfect time to pull out the dress and re-live some of the fun of my wedding day.

But, as the day for the photo shoot drew near, I began to get nervous. Melissa wasn’t going to take me to a photo studio for some nice conservative portraits. I was going to be out there in the public eye; in Central Park, on the streets hailing cabs, and on (not in!) fountains.

I realized- People are going to be staring at me! And despite being a Leo (very easily flattered and generally a sucker for attention), I became more and more apprehensive about tromping around New York in my wedding dress and veil until I finally found myself in the bathroom at the American Museum of Natural History touching up my makeup. And I was self-conscious…for about 5 minutes. Melissa was so professional and encouraging.

As the day progressed, I lost almost all inhibition (as demonstrated by the dance party shots!) and began to fully embrace what I was doing. I felt confident, sexy, and happy. People didn’t think I was weird- they thought I was a bride (albeit, a bride that was climbing over rocks and scaling stonework) and I was greeted by nothing but goodwill from onlookers. When everyone is smiling at you, wishing you congratulations, and telling you that you look beautiful in your dress, it’s hard not enjoy yourself. I felt that wedding-day flush all over again.

Was my dress filthy by the end of the day? Yes.

Was I exhausted? Yes. (Though probably not as much as Melissa who had to lug a 20 pound camera bad around with her everywhere!)

Would I do it again? In a heartbeat. It was such a fun, liberating experience that the fact that Melissa’s shots came out wonderfully is just a bonus. The shoot was a great way to close out my first year of marriage- it reminded me that I’m still a little bit of a blushing bride, but it also helped me (finally!) get my dress to the drycleaner and pack it away that chapter of my life.



  1. awesome job on both counts!!
    looks like you had a picture perfect day, and I hope both of you are more than pleased with the outcome. The photos look great.

    Bitter, I'm excited for you. How great?!?

  2. Bitter you made a perfect job.
    Say what kind of slid show program u use ?

    Mihael.Mafy @ Flickr

  3. Thanks Kitty! We had a great time, and the photos turned out fabulous! :)

    Mihael.Mafy, I used animoto, they have a free version that makes 30 sec clips, and a version you pay for that makes longer clips. And soon they'll be offering a pro version that you can customize. I'm used the pay version for this slide show, and am looking forward to the PRO version A LOT. :)

    Glad you enjoyed it. :)

  4. Wow! I loved this--it was nice to see all my favorite Sarah pics together with great music. What a fun program you found. Hmmm. Maybe I'll have you put something together for me...

  5. It looks like an awesome session! Thanks for sharing!

  6. Hey!

    This looks amazing! I love animoto too -- and have been deliberating about the $30 fee -- sold! ::laughing::

    Great job on the shoot!


  7. Hey Tam :) glad you liked it, and thanks!