Monday, September 24, 2007

Linkage, to new york portraits

I'm on the run today and won't have time to blog later, so I'm sending you over to fellow NYC Blogger, Kitty @ New York Portraits.

Her write-up reminds me of my first three months in The City, where I lived on a couch in the front room/living room/kitchen. And my subsequent apartment that had a kitchen just as she describes.

I am now the proud owner of a fairly long/skinny kitchen, and I felt immediate kinship with the developer she mentioned. I ended up taking apart some metal IKEA racks and rebuilding it with shelves and a counter top. It's pretty ghetto, if I ever get brave enough, I'll post a picture so you can see it. ;)

How the Other Half Lives, by Kitty @ New York Portraits



  1. haha, Bitter, how funny!!

    I wish I'd saved the napkin drawings from the many conversations I've had with people, where bed, dresser, and such were precisely documented. Maybe architects tend to do this a lot?

    I'd love to define top NY conversation topics among strangers - first, what do you do. Second, where do you live, followed by how do you get from number one to number two (a detailed discussion about subway routes). big is your kitchen.

    And if you have a dishwasher you are looked upon with envy. This topic is endless!

    hope you're well!!

  2. I'm going to have to start keeping track, I like the list you have so far. It's spot on. lol

  3. I totally envy people with a dishwasher! I did however manage to smuggle in a washing machine and have been VERY happy ever since. . . but shhhh, don't tell my super.

  4. I have to agree--space with related problems is a huge conversation piece and not even just among NYers. I was at a party 2 days ago where the hostess was complaining about her kitchen (2x as big as mine) and she doesn't even cook!