Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Aaaaack! how embarrassing

Have you ever arrived home after a long day, looked into the mirror and promptly slithered to the floor in embarrassment?

Well that was me yesterday. The mascara smudges circling my eyes were bad enough to rival those featured on Seinfeld. (For you Seinfeld fans out there, you’ll know the episode I’m referring to.)

I’m going to chuck the Estee Lauder trial sample I’ve been using for the past week, and trek down to mid-town to the nearest Bobbi Brown counter to resupply myself with my usual no-smudge mascara ASAP.

My apologies to those of you who saw me at my worst, I’m hoping you’ll be able to expunge the freakish sight from your memories…soon.



  1. could forgo the whole thing. Hmmm. Just a thought. You do have beautiful lashes even without the mascara.

  2. Oh, no, absolutely not! *grin*

    My eyes dissappear without mascara....well at least they seem to dissappear.