Monday, December 31, 2007

HA!, that's funny

I was perusing a fellow photog's blog a moment ago and saw a little icon stating that her blog's readability level was rated at an elementary school level. I don't usually try things out like this, but my curiosity was piqued, so I clicked on the link and typed in my blog's info, and guess what came up?

I thought you all would want to know that you can all consider yourselves genius readers. Have a Happy New Year's Eve!



  1. No more excuses, Bitter! The Pioneer Woman would blog even while in the delivery room giving birth to child #28! And this "genius" knows that you've been free to blog since Friday, and will continue to harass you until the new one is posted...Let the chanting begin! "We want posts! We want posts! We want posts!"

  2. Aaaaaccckkk!

    Note to self: process photos so you can blog them...

  3. Oh, that IS funny. Of course, we always knew you were a genius so this was not news. I enjoy reading and am waiting for more.