Monday, January 7, 2008

It's, hot outside

So this afternoon I strolled to my local bank during my lunch hour and promptly began to sweat bullets. I unwound the green pashmina from around my neck, tucked my black jacket through the straps of my handbag, pushed the sleeves on my sweater up, and actively searched for shade. Yes, it's hot outside. What's up with the crazy weather?

I couldn't help but think of several moments just a few short days ago when I was bundled up with my winter parka, freezing my hiney off in 12 degree weather (not including the brutal wind that crept through he seams and zippers of my coat and turned my skin a pretty red), while showing NYC touristy sights to my fam.

Bad thing about last week: I had to battle crowds that were enormous due to the influx of holiday visitors.

Good thing about last week: I found a fabulous new BBQ place down in Times Square. (Thanks for the heads up Fern & Lmac.) I'll blog about it later, once I get over the fact that it's not located on the Upper West Side. . .


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