Saturday, November 8, 2008

Annee, was thinking about you this afternoon


I was thinking about you this afternoon.

Love you.

Miss you.

-M (also known as Bitter)


  1. Just thinking about you today.... I hope you are okay. Your tribute to your sister is so kind.

    Love you--

  2. I wanted to add a book recommendation--

    It offers an interesting look at the coincidences and moments in our life that occur after the passing of a loved one....

  3. Hey Melissa,
    A couple years ago I found the web site that your family had set up for keeping everyone updated on Annee. It was so touching and inspiring. I stayed up really late and read everything. I loved the parts that Annee wrote herself! I even sent you an email, but I doubt that you ever got it. It was at a time that I was looking for you. I've had many of those times over the years!

    Anyways, after reading the post that you did last year, I was reminded of that. I am racking my brain trying to remember your family when I would go over to your house. I remember mostly that your little brother and sisters were so funny and cute, and like any little brothers and sister they were always trying to show off for the "new" person in the house. I remember coming over to your house a few times when you were in the apartment. I came over and heard about your sisters (I think it was Jennie) newest sleep talking incident. I still even remember what it was about...mostly. Then I remember coming over to your house when you guys lived near Chalene and you playing the piano and in general just hanging out and messing around. I wish I could remember something specifically about Annee. I know she was there, it was just so long ago. Too long ago, I miss you!

    On the subject of memories...I also remember you not wanting to ride with me, because half the time you'd end up having to get out and push my truck through the intersection. I'm still sorry about that, by the way. I also remember when I had that big sleepover at my house, you woke up in the middle of the night and started talking German! You had warned me...(see above memory with Jennie.)I also remember getting into trouble in Math (Christensen's class), from replacing the outlet smelly things, and throwing notes across the room! I also remember the fun we had on all of our band tours, which were many! We had some great times and that isn't even including college or tons of other stuff.
    It's great to hear from you!

  4. Melissa-
    I just saw a post on Miriam's blog from you. I had planned to comment here on the 8th. I too was thinking about Annee. I think about her a lot! I miss her. I miss seeing you guys too! It is strange the way things change. I have always dreamed of the way things we be in my life...things never seem to go the way you dream they will. Anyway, I posted a bit about Annee on my blog as well. I couldn't help but say something. She will forever be a part of "our" lives!

    It's good to see you are doing well.Take Care!