Saturday, March 7, 2009

I'm Taking A Sabbatical, from nyc

Spawning from my plans to fly west for the winter (bird-like of course) to avoid the upcoming brutal winter. (We didn't have a winter last year, so logic tells us we'll get two this year. As of 3/6/09 this assumption has been 189.2% correct.) I've decided to move to California.

Yes, I know your hearts are breaking (I hear them cracking as I type). But don't weep too long, I'll most likely be back. Besides grieving can be a healthy process.

I'm going to miss documenting street life springing forth from the City's boroughs, the enormous amount of shoes that I won't be wearing out on the City's sidewalks, and the my favorite restaurants, sites, and friends.

The City is always shifting. Cycling. Renewing. Hopefully, one day I'll be back, adding to the mix. Only time will tell.

And so, the West Coast calls and I'm off.

Wish me luck.
(written December 12, 2008)

Catch Up Time, just a heads up

Those of you who know me, know I'm rarely very far from a notebook or paper.

Why? Well, because I'm frequently jotting things down.

What might I be jotting down you might ask?

Well, everything.

Things to do.
People to call.
Plot arcs and major discoveries for the books percolating in my mind.
The pricing of my photography services (which I obsess over).
And lastly, blog posts.

Yes. You read that correctly. Blog posts.

I've written all sorts of them over the past several months, 1% of them have actually made it onto the blog. Today that changes. I'm cleaning house.

Some I'll post, others will make their way to the round file. And a very lucky few will be placed into a holding pattern where I'll tinker with them until they're perfect, at which point you'll find them here on the blog.

Happy day. I bet you're excited.


Friday, March 6, 2009

25 Things, on facebook

Saw this a week or so ago, thought it was pretty funny.

Posted it to Facebook.

Facebook deleted it.

So, . . . Here's to censorship.