Monday, May 11, 2009

Man, that was tough

Sometimes getting out of a rut is the hardest part.

*exhales sigh of relief*

There. That wasn't so bad. New blog post posted.

On a side note, I have lots of fun and exciting things happening on the writing front. (Re: the current works in progress, yes that was plural.) Happy day. As things progress, I'll keep you posted.

As for now, my lips are sealed.

Moving on, per fabulous recommendations from Howard Taylor, Scalzi, and Anne Sowards, I'm off to see Star Trek tonight.

Instead of the mild interest I had before, I'm actually pretty excited and am looking forward to a good show. And since Anne's facebook review is my favorite, I'm posting it in it's entirety below. Enjoy.

"Anne Sowards just got home from seeing STAR TREK. She enjoyed it so much that not even having her train go out of service, then the next train she took stopping short of her home, and having to take a bus the rest of the way has killed her mood."

Ahhh, life in NYC.

p.s. The Star Trek site is pretty dang cool.

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